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What kind of gi does Happy Kimonos (HKI) use??

Happy Kimonos International (HKI) kimonos are manufactured for HKI for the sole purpose of dying. All our kimonos (gis) are high quality and constructed with Jiu Jitsu in mind. The features of our Gis are as follows: • Solid 100% … Continue reading

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Don’t Dye on Your Training Partner

It’s one thing to roll with your various training partners and leave your mark by pulling off your “go-to” submission. Don’t me that guy with the new colorful gi. You know the one. He never washes his gi. You look … Continue reading

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What are people saying about Happy Kimonos Custom Tie Dye Gis?

Occasionally, Happy Kimonos will post excerpts and links to blogs, forums and emails related to martial arts and our tie dye gis. With the re-introduction of tie dye fashion into mainstream martial arts we have found that opinions vary greatly … Continue reading

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HappyKimonos tie dye gi worn by Matt Thornton in Black Belt Magazine

We are very excited here at HappyKimonos. We’ve been running strong for almost 3 years now and we appreciate all of our sponsored competitors and loyal customers who have helped us provide a rather unique service into the mainstream of … Continue reading

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