Don’t Dye on Your Training Partner

It’s one thing to roll with your various training partners and leave your mark by pulling off your “go-to” submission. Don’t me that guy with the new colorful gi. You know the one. He never washes his gi. You look around the mat at the end of the night and everybody he rolled with has a colorful gi now.  This is exactly what will happen if you dye your gi improperly with the wrong process and dyes. Back staining can also occur if your gi is not properly rinsed.

At Happy Kimonos we use the highest quality dyes to produce your custom gi. Our process focuses on quality control and proper color saturation. All of our gis go through a rigorous rinsing process to remove excess dye. When our customers receive their gi it is ready for the mat, but we do recommend an initial care procedure.

Taking Care of your Gi

Wash in cold water with like colors.(No bleach or detergent with bleach additives) Remove from washer quickly, don’t let them set in washer wet! Kimonos should not be put through the dryer. We recommend you line dry all Kimonos. Sometimes the really strong colors can bleed slightly for the first wash or two. This is normal, just like any other brightly colored clothing. Always wash with “like” colors. Don’t mix your red tie dye in with your whites or you will have a nice pink wardrobe!

Consider washing the tie dyed garment separately for the first few times after wearing. Some dye may still wash out, even after the initial rinsing and washing process.

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What are people saying about Happy Kimonos Custom Tie Dye Gis?

Occasionally, Happy Kimonos will post excerpts and links to blogs, forums and emails related to martial arts and our tie dye gis. With the re-introduction of tie dye fashion into mainstream martial arts we have found that opinions vary greatly and run the gamut. We’ve seen ourselves in the top forum polls for the Ugliest GI, seen here in jiu jitsu forums and Sher-Dog, to positive reactions like these at Georgette Oden World and the Ryan Peterson Jiu Jitsu Blog.

I don’t know, but I think this guy’s white gi with magic marker drawings of patches is a riot!  (credit to Julia Johansen blog for the great photo on Flickr.)  P.S. Love the black eye!

Hey, it’s whatever suits you. Who am I or you to judge what other people may or may not like.

I ask, are tie dyed gi’s any more goofy than the testosterone driven MMA clothing fad featuring skulls, daggers and death. I think not. Peace, love, and collar chokes!

Wait a second, I’m laughing about that magic marker gi!

For those interested in the positive, here are some more comments circulating the internet about our gis: Sher-Dog, Three Harmonies

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HappyKimonos tie dye gi worn by Matt Thornton in Black Belt Magazine

We are very excited here at HappyKimonos. We’ve been running strong for almost 3 years now and we appreciate all of our sponsored competitors and loyal customers who have helped us provide a rather unique service into the mainstream of martial arts apparel industry.
This month marks exactly 1 year since Matt Thornton, of Straight Blast Gym, was feature in Black Belt Magazine. Aside from great photographs of Matt wearing the first HappyKimonos custom tie dyed gi, the article itself is a great discussion in regards to Bruce Lee and Functional Jeet Kune D0.

Who would have ever thought you’d see a tie dyed gi at a NAGA Tournament, let alone in Black Belt Magazine. Thanks to all of you for trusting HappyKimonos to dye both your new gis and used gis.

Peace, Love and Gi Chokes!

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